I am Bink, a British milliner, I make fun head-wear somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I am completely self taught.

I was determined to NOT be creative but I knitted a scarf (badly) halfway through the year I turned 30. This is what happened along the way when I allowed myself to be creative. I really wanted to have a “real job”,a mortgage, a nice car, pension and fancy stuff because I was scared of failing when being creative.

That was not my destiny, glitter was. 10 years later I am still learning but I have managed to survive despite living on a planet where so few are brave enough to wear a show stopping hat.

The secret of hats (or a quirky accessory) is that they are the easiest way to make new friends, they give people something to say when they approach you. You don’t need to be brave, the hat does all the work if you just put it on!

Model: Isobel Saunders
MUA: Jennifer Bombardiere-Lippet
Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale

More info:

Diamond Antler Headdress

Dropped Ice Cream Hat

Happy Clown Hat

Virgin Mary Headdress


Tropical Island Hat

Peacock Headdress

The Owl & The Pussy Cat Fascinator

Spider from Mars Fascinator


Summer Day Fascinator

Marie Antoinette Headdress

Dollface Mask

Goldfish Pond Hat


Party Hat

Tropical Holiday Hat

This is Not A Pipe, it’s a Fascinator

Kiss Hat

Steampunk Virgin Mary Headdress

Rockabilly Headdress