Animal rescue organizations often have to get creative to help cats and dogs find their forever homes. One of the most effective ways is to team up with local businesses. That’s exactly what Niagara SPCA did and achieved some amazing results. The no-kill shelter located in Niagara Falls, New York recently went viral after they teamed up with the Just Pizza & Wing Co. franchise in Amherst in an attempt to help dogs get adopted. The idea they came up with together is absolutely brilliant. They decided to put flyers on pizza boxes, which feature photos of dogs that are looking for new owners.

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Recently, an animal shelter paired up with a pizza shop to put photos of adoptable animals on pizza boxes

Image credits: Niagara SPCA

The heart-melting campaign proved to be a success. Not only did the customers enjoy seeing adorable puppies on the pizza boxes, but the adoptable pets also caught the attention of many potential owners.

Image credits: WKBW

The pizza shop celebrates the new pet owner by offering a $50 gift certificate to those who adopt dogs featured on their boxes.

Image credits: WKBW

The brilliant idea for the campaign came to life after the owner of Just Pizza & Wing Co. franchise, Mary Alloy, began volunteering at Niagara SPCA.

After the shelter’s event coordinator Kimberly LaRussa asked what she thought about putting animals’ photos on pizza boxes, Alloy was very excited and got to work to make it happen.

The campaign quickly went viral and both the shelter and pizza shop were praised for their ingenuity.

The first day after it was launched, the first puppy was adopted by a loving family. Hopefully, others will be as lucky as him!

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