The world is full of wonderfully kind people and sometimes we get to see that in the toughest of times. One woman named Julie Morgan left a heartwarming review of a pizza place in Battle Creek, MI, called Steve’s Pizza. Julie and her husband have been eating there for 25 years. Sadly, Julie’s spouse was diagnosed with cancer and is now at home under hospice care. One family member decided to call up Steve’s Pizza, explain the family’s situation and asked them if they could send a friendly text or card, as the pizza place meant a lot to the couple.

Steve’s Pizza manager, 18-year-old Dalton Shaffer, decided to go one step further, explaining he “just wanted to make them [the couple] happy.” Scroll down below to read the full story from Julie. Warning, it may make you cry!

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This is Julie and Rich – a married couple who had planned to visit Battle Creek, MI for Julie’s birthday

Image credits: Julie Morgan

The couple has always loved eating at Steve’s Pizza and has been going there for 25 years

Image credits: Steves Pizza Battle Creek Mi

Unfortunately, due to Rich’s progressing cancer, he wound up in hospice care

People quickly responded to Julie’s review and were touched by Dalton’s kind gesture

And the story spread all over the internet, making its way to even more people’s hearts