We swear we’re not crying—it’s those darn ninja pandas cutting onions again. Ben Hed, one of the best-known artists on Instagram and the creator of the Pet Foolery Instagram account, has illustrated perhaps the most important comic in the Pixie And Brutus saga.

Ben has finally revealed the full story and the emotional details behind how Brutus the dog got his scars while serving in the military. We won’t spoil anything for you, dear Readers, so go ahead and have a look for yourselves. But be prepared to feel some epic feels. Do you need some funny and light Pet Foolery comics to pick you up after this one? We’ve got you covered. Have a look through some of illustrator Ben’s newest works of art featured on Bored Panda right here, as well as here.

Artist Ben told Bored Panda that creating the newest comic took far longer than absolutely any other comic he’s posted on Instagram so far. The reasons for this were the amount of work he put in: not just into drawing the cartoon, but also into the research. “This comic took longer than any other comic I’ve posted to Instagram, partially because of the length and detail, and partially because of the amount of research I put into it before drawing anything,” Ben said.

“I’d say this was the most important and serious comic in the Pixie and Brutus series, so I took my time with it to make sure I got it right,” Ben explained why he poured so much of his time into the comic.

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Brutus finally revealed to Pixie how he got his scars

Some people weren’t happy with how things were portrayed in this comic, so artist Ben explained on his Instagram that everything was researched and he went through all of the criticism point by point.

Pet Foolery is a real art whale on Instagram. Ben’s account has over 2.4 million loyal followers on the platform and it doesn’t look like their ranks will stop growing any time soon. So long as Ben keeps pouring so much care and attention into his adorable and emotionally powerful illustrations.

Earlier, Bored Panda spoke to Ben and he was open about how he’d slightly updated the design of Pixie and Brutus and thrown in a few comics where Pixie was a bit older. But before you start worrying about Pet Foolery’s comics changing too much, Ben told us that it’s still “the same ol’ Pixie and Brutus,” just with a few minor tweaks. And a few changes never hurt anybody. They help keep things fresh.

In one of his earlier comics, artist Ben Hed illustrated how Brutus changed over time

One of the main challenges that recurring cartoon artists face is coming up with new and exciting ideas for what to draw next and where to move the story. Ben is no exception. He was candid that it’s “getting harder and harder” to come up with new jokes and ideas. Fortunately, he seems to be doing great so far and we’re sure that he’ll face the challenge and come out on top every time.

Speaking of challenges, the artist suggested that other creators try mixing things up by trying new things, concepts, formats, and styles if they feel like they’ve hit a creative roadblock. Being flexible and open to novelty seems to help.

Be sure to follow Pet Foolery’s Instagram account for Ben’s latest comics. And if you want to support the artist, you can always consider doing so via his Patreon.

The comic about Brutus’ past made a lot of fans of Pet Foolery tear up