I originally trained and worked in mechanical engineering (got frustrated with that) and then went to art school and studied graphic design. After all that I worked in various advertising agencies in Britain and Germany. Then I got lucky: I gave up my job!

I found myself in a remote and beautiful part of the world, German Alps, where I still live. I became a “house husband” with loads of spare time. In between looking after my children and part time jobs, I somehow had to keep my mind occupied. Therefore, I decided to create my own pictures in Photoshop.

I spend lots of time with my family, walking and visiting zoos and museums. I always take my camera with me, however, I tend to take more photos of old and broken objects than I do of my family, which means I now have a very large archive of photographic material to use for my pictures. I start with a vague idea from a story or a fable and create a concept that might work visually. The completed pictures can take a long time to create depending upon how they develop and my free time; some are clear ideas that work, however, some pictures just grow on their own. I hope you enjoy them.


Cows in a field



Number 34


Angler fish

Giraffe with bird

Farmer walking his cow

Attempted seduction of Penelope (from the story The Odyssey)


Romulus and Remus

Trojan horse