For some reason, I looked over the fact that I could post my edits on here. I’ve always wanted to post something on this app, but I could never figure out what. One reason being I’m not good at most aspects of art and a second being that, as a fourteen-year-old, I haven’t really had many opportunities to travel or see very much of the world (I would really like to, however).

I’ve been making edits with the app called PicCollage for around three years. There was a point where I’d make one nearly every single day but now that I’m going into high school and my life is getting busy I haven’t really found the time. I have made almost 400 edits and have posted them on my PicCollage account (@Triplet-klf) but I’ve never posted them anywhere but that account. What I’m putting on here is only a small part of all of my edits.

I take no credit for any of the pictures used as backgrounds for my edits. I typically the images from the app We Heart It or Pinterest. Most of the quotes are from those apps as well. I have made quite a few edits with my own quotes as well, and those are indicated on the edit next to my watermark.

I may end up posting more of my edits on this app but I have yet to decide. If you want to see more you can visit my PicCollage account @triplet-klf. I hope you enjoy!