My photography project called “I Found The Silence” is like a diary during my last 8 years. When I am alone I may fear that I will somehow live a life of loneliness or I may discover some truths about myself that can be scary or hurtful.

Being alone is not bad. In fact, it is a time to meditate, discover yourself. It is time for inner peace. In this world of chaos and distractions, we have gotten into a habit of not stopping, being busy and surrounding ourselves with things that are loud, disturbing and continuous. Being alone in the silence is actually one of the healthiest moments you can have with yourself. The series “I Found The Silence” shows us in different moments of our inner peace and discovering yourself.

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We Missed You

Far From The Rivers

Everytime You Go

Tied Together


I Found The Silence

White Night


I Was Broken

Somebody Told Me This Is Real


Wait A Little Longer

I Came So Close

I Am Winter



Those Places


So I Tried