Kiren Sheikh was just hours old when she was abandoned in a London telephone box in 1994. Her mother, who was trapped in an abusive relationship, called the Samaritans to rescue her, but before they could respond another good Samaritan came to the rescue instead.

Joe Campbell, then 30, was in Forest Gate, east London when he saw what he thought was a bag of chips at first. Realizing it was a baby, he alerted the authorities and even offered to adopt the girl himself. His offer was refused because he wasn’t married but he never forgot about Sheikh. Recently a co-worker showed Campbell, now 52, a copy of Metro because there was an article about a woman who was looking for a man called either John or Joe Campbell. Realizing who it was, Campbell quickly got in touch and the pair were recently reunited at Metro’s London office. “It’s so amazing to have been reunited with him,” Kiren told Metro. “He’s my hero.” (h/t: metro)