With Graham Bells’ invention of the telephone in 1876, a new era of frauds began. And since swindlers have always been known for their smarts, phone scams soon began. Over time, these cheats grew to be the multi-million online scams that are active somewhere in Nigeria to this day.

It is not so easy to get scammed online as e-mails usually announce themselves as such, thanks to technology, but what happens when you get a text from an anonymous number? Well, when Imgur user Anthony Schillings received one such phone scammer text there was only one clear answer – play along.

Sent from an unknown number, Schillings received some interesting scamming ‘information’ from an “employee” at the “Exxon Mobile Corporation.” While some might have disregarded the message in fear of being scammed, it was this fraudster’s lucky day. Scroll down below to see how this man found a hilarious way to scamming a scammer and beating him at his own game.