But if you’re just really interested in learning more about what these people experience, there is one person that will do his best to answer your questions, and he is Tommy Edison. He is a radio presenter and a Youtuber who has been blind since birth, and no matter what he manages to stay a truly positive figure. Always carrying a smile on his face, this man, who is also a blind film critic, shows that not being able to see is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

Proving that blindness is no curse, Tommy created a video where he listed all the good things about not being able to see, and it’s impossible to argue with him. From going to airplanes first to not doing your lawn, Tommy’s arguments are definitely eye-opening!

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Meet Tommy Edison, a radio presenter and a YouTuber who has been blind since birth

And even though he was never been able to see, he always puts a smile on everyone’s face with his positive attitude

So, he decided to share the best things about being blind, and it’s hard to argue with him!

It’s safe to say that you can always count on Tommy to look at the bright side of life!

Many people have found his words very inspiring

Check out Edison’s video where he shares his experience of being a blind man