Friendships are one of the most valuable treasures of life. Having good friends can completely change your life and help you get through the tough times. While not everybody is lucky enough to have strong and lasting friendships, those who do have connections like that reminds how important friendships truly are.

Denga from Johannesburg, South Africa has exactly a friend like that. They both recently graduated from the University of Witwatersrand. The recent graduate shared online how much her friend has helped while they were studying.

Recently, a woman named Denga turned to Twitter to ask help for her friend

Image credits: 4Denga

Image credits: 4Denga

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She confessed to having depression and severe anxiety. When Denga would experience panic attacks, her friend would try to comfort her through the phone. He also helped her to revise and stay focus on her studies.

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After receiving so much support and care during her struggles, Denga was looking for an opportunity to return the favor.

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After the clothing situation was sorted, some people donated money, others offered to take photos of the ceremony and even pay for his family dinner

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Before the graduation ceremony, her friend said that he’s not going to the celebration because he can’t afford to get a decent outfit. The loyal friend knew that she must do something about it. She decided to buy him a white shirt and kindly asked on Twitter if someone could lend him a formal blazer.

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The Twitter thread she created exploded with kind words, support and genuine efforts to help her friend to go to the graduation. People began offering to lend him a suit and shoes, some even offered to buy him new clothes.

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Both Denga and her friend were overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers

Image credits: 4Denga

Image credits: 4Denga

Others joined by offering to take photos of the ceremony and some even volunteered to take his whole family to dinner to celebrate him being the first one in the family to graduate university.

Both Denga and her friend were overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers. As a result, he received 3 suits and some ties, one stranger even donated money to the young graduate. He ended spending the evening with his family at the local restaurant.