This project is a collaboration between Rémy Boiré and me, Xavier Casalta. After meeting through our passion for typography design, we decided to experiment with a collaboration where we could learn from one another.

I am a 22-year-old artist. I have been practicing pointillism for over a year now and discovered this drawing technique by chance while I was learning lettering design and wanted to experiment with something else other than solid black letters. This time-consuming, unique art technique (4-8 dots per second) is interesting because you need to look closely at the illustration to realize that it’s made of thousands of dots.

Rémy is a 23-year-old freelance hand-lettering professional and graphic designer who also works on illustrations to explore new horizons when he’s not working for clients. He always keeps typography as a starting point. Through this collaboration, we wanted to express the importance of careful planning and craftsmanship. But ultimately, we wanted to show that anything was possible with hard work, time, and commitment; hence, Patience and Discipline. To create this work of art we met several times over the course of several months and worked for over 300 hours. Once the sketch was done on the 22×30 inch sheet (56×76 cm), I started the dotwork while Rémy worked on the beautiful writings.

Dot artwork prints are available here.

More info: Behance | Instagram/xavier | Instagram/remy