Imagine if Elvis was still alive today, or if Marilyn Monroe was at the height of her fame.

DesignCrowd thought it would ask it’s 450,000 designers from all around the world to do just that, by finding high-resolution images of modern brand and advertising campaigns and photoshopping some of our favourite lost icons into the picture.

Icons from the past, re-imagined in current day advertising have been uploaded to the online community.

Which one is your favorite?

More info:

Michael Jackson For Apple

Elvis for Beats by Dr Dre

Breakfast at McDonald’s

Elvis Presley And Audrey Hepburn For Calvin Klein

Bob Marley For Nike

James Dean For Hoverboard

Elvis and Marilyn for H&M

Marilyn Goes High Fashion

John Lennon Should Have Gone To Specsavers

Jimi Hendrix For Calvin Klein

Audrey Does McDonald’s (Again)

Because Johny Cash Is Worth It

Notoriously Nike

Got Milk, Andy?