With the rise of social media, milestone cards are becoming more and more popular, however, I believe that the store bought packs are very impersonal.

My husband is a fantastic artist and when I was pregnant with our first child, he had the idea that he wanted to make his own milestone cards.

We wanted to incorporate characters that we both love. Disney features a lot – I am a huge Disney fan and it is so special to me to have these cards.

1 week – Indiana Jones

2 Weeks – Cuddlepot and Snugglepie

3 weeks – 3 blind mice


4 weeks – Fantastic 4


5 weeks – the hand of a toddler


6 weeks – 101 Dalmatians

7 weeks – 7 colors of the rainbow


8 weeks – BB8

10 weeks – a boy with 10 balloons


3 months – Harry Potter

The first Christmas – Santa Claus

The first Father’s Day – Darth Vader

The first smile – Cheshire cat


The day full of new discoveries – Thumper

6 months – Gremlins

The first haircut – Edward Scissorhands

The first Mother’s Day – Dumbo

The first solid food – Jaws