Early this year, I started a visual diary called “363 Days of Tea”. My goal was two-fold: to push my creative practice and to share it on social media, hoping to spark a different kind of inspiration.

The used tea bag is not very attractive. But while you may see a soggy, stained tea bag, I see a blank canvas. Now on day 308, the visual diary records my impression of the moment using the used tea bag as a medium, altered to create a new work of art every day. I draw, paint and collage moody, evocative and sometimes whimsical art on the used teabag paper.

People have this notion of what traditional art should be. I think reimagining the discarded as art inspires new forms of creativity. I hope that people who view my art are changed in some way, perhaps with a renewed belief in the art of the possible.

More info: rubysilvious.com