If you went to school at any point during your life you have experienced the feeling of anxiety that occurs when you don’t have a writing utensil. Perhaps your laptop died; or you woke up late for class and had to race to campus, only to discover you have everything but something to take notes with. Beads of sweat then cross your face and you look around frantically hoping your teacher doesn’t see you. With any luck in these times you can count on the generosity of a stranger to slip you a pen or pencil.

Well Twitter user @Oscarewilde is pranking these poor, unequipped souls. After she received a comically large pencil for Christmas one year, she is using the gift to teach her classmates to always come prepared. Scroll down below for the whole hilarious thread.

One girl received this ‘inconvenient’ present for Christmas

But she quickly found a way to put it to ‘good’ use

The Twitter user designed a prank

People were thoroughly entertained by the idea