For many people, classical music is the preferred choice when it’s time to relax, read or sleep. The long, ornate compositions are certainly conducive to sleep in particular, as this woman at a concert by the North State Symphony in California found out with hilarious results.

Performing the piece ‘The Firebird‘ by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, the orchestra had apparently lulled the woman to sleep during its slower, softer parts. Suddenly however, the piece springs to life with a dramatic flourish of drum and violin, shocking the snoozing women into waking up with a loud yelp which was heard across the concert hall.

The musicians took it all in their stride, not missing a beat. Audience and musicians alike found the incident highly amusing, laughing at the sudden interruption. Something like this would be frowned upon as rude and disrespectful in many concert halls across the world, and while embarrassing for the dozing dame, it was lucky for her that the incident was taken in good humour.

The ethics of falling asleep at a concert are open to discussion, do you think this is disrespectful to the musicians or is it a natural reaction to the soothing nature of the music? Whatever you think, maybe grab a coffee before your next trip to the theatre if you don’t want to get caught out like this woman did.

The North State Symphony Were Performing ‘The Firebird’ by Stravinsky at a theatre in California

Image credits: North State Symphony

And while transitioning from soothing, soft tones into a dramatic flourish, the orchestra shocked this dozing dame to awake with an audible yelp

The internet reacted with amusement to the snoozy screamer