Little Marwa was only one year old when a virus had attacked her nervous system. She had already been struggling with her health, and the virus only made things worse. Her parents, worried for her brought her to a nearby hospital where doctors put the girl in a medically induced coma.

Yet months passed and Marwa had still not awoken and her parents were fearing the worst. Later, doctors suggested that she would ultimately be taken off life support. Still, her parents refused to allow their precious daughter to leave so soon, they went and gathered over 100,000 signatures to have court officials grant little Marwa an extension of life. Luckily, weeks later Marwa opened her eyes and awoke! Not only are her parents overjoyed that they can return home with their daughter, but we too are relieved that little Marwa is alright now.

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This is little Marwa. She had already struggled with her health, but things only got worse when a virus attacked her nervous system

Doctors decided to put her in a medically induced coma, but after months passed and she hadn’t woken, doctors planned to take her off life support

Her parents wouldn’t stand for it, and got over 100,000 signatures and brought them to court to grant Marwa and extension of life

Weeks later, she woke up, and she’s doing alright now!