I was hairdresser. Charlie was IT engineer. But we always wondered how it would be to do what we love. And 3 years ago, when we were 26, we ventured – we quited our jobs and we focused on our travel blog and on our photographic and writing skills. Our blog became very popular and now it is our only job, and we spent whole year travelling.

Last year was very special and generous to us. We’ve fulfilled so many dreams that it’s hard for us to believe that it all happened in only 1 year.

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JANUARY. Australia

We’ve been there for 3 weeks with clients of a large global corporation

One Year From Travel Bloggers Life

We’ve been doing and eating a lot of not budget things

FEBRUARY. We spent that month in many places of polish mountains


MARCH. We did a subjective guide to the province of Świętokrzyskie in Poland

APRIL. We made a guide of Katowice – a city in Poland that is not very tourist-related


MAY. We did a subjective guide to the province of Podlaskie in Poland. This is very mysterious part of Poland full of small colorful villages and spirit of fairy tales

It is a region full of different cultures of people from different parts of the world who came here hundreds of years ago and they still live here


And we stayed here in windmill. The true one which is converted into a two-story apartment

It was like fulfilling childhood dreams

We totally loved Podlaskie

JUNE. 3th of June we said YES to our love and we had 3-day long best party ever in the old wooden house in the thick forest


And we went to next polish province – Warmińsko-Mazurskie region


The land of magic lakes and mysterious forrests

And we met Mr. Jurek who is building his own castle by his own hands!

In the meantime the organisation Wines Of Moldova invited us to try their unearthly cuisine and wines

JULY. We hit the road to Alaska!

We spent there 71 nights in tent in the most beautiful spots of this world


And every morning was like miracle

We did countless of epic trekkings

And we did all these alaskan things

And we met all these alaskan beauties

And we were kayaking inside the wild glacier!

AUGUST. Every day we met someone special. For example we met polish old man living in abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere

What’s more, this man turned out to be from the same small town in Poland as we are! Total madness! Fortunately, we did daily vlogs and everything is recorded and placed on youtube, so now nobody can blame us for lying :)


And our biggest dream came true. We got to the Supetramp’s magic bus from Into the wild movie!

And now we had no more needs :)

SEPTEMBER. We were back from Alaska and we bought that hill in Poland. Someday we will build a house on that hill

NOVEMBER. We travel a lot and we want our family to see a piece of this beautiful world too. So we took a brother with his wife on a trip to Thailand

But because they do not like sleeping in a tent like we do, we slept in hotels. And we find out that the most beautiful views of this world are not only from the tent


We showed them elephant’s orphanage

We took them to a Thai village on a lake in the jungle

And we spent some nights in house in the heart of the jungle

Where we had loud neighborhood

Despite this, it was a balm for our souls

DECEMBER. December brought us a new member of our colorful family – we bought Mitsubishi Delica 4×4 because we feel like we need difficult off roads in Africa ;)

And we became a face of a very nice bank’s campaign

Sometimes we feel like we have too much from life. But what we can do in return is to give, so we give, be grateful, so we are, to be good, so we try. Thank you all