I have always been fascinated with nature to the point of dedicating myself to a degree in animal biology. I then found myself in a culinary role and one thing led to another; I began combining these two interests through food art carving. That’s how Organimals were born!

The naming process and subsequent identification of the sculpture is also fun. For the joy of the Organimals, I team up with a great nature photographer to immerse each carved art into their natural habitats with a quirky touch. Children and adults alike are captivated and, with the launching of a 2015 collection calendar, I hope to use momentum to unveil many more creative projects under the concept name: Al Mode.

More info:

Apple x Elephant = Applephants

Swede x Koala = Swedala

Parrot x Carrot = Pcarrot | Scorpion x Chilli = Scorpilli

Sweet Potato x Walrus = Swalrus


Mange Tout x Praying Mantis = Mangetis

Polar Bear x Celeriac = Poleriac Bear


Avocado x Toad = Avocatoad | Courgette x Gecko = Courgecko

Sloth x Sultana = Slothtana