I am an artist and musician and I already own a piano that I play on a regular basis. My family and I had just moved into a home for the first time, and I wanted a desk for my office but a lot of them were so expensive. Then I came across a post on Facebook of someone turning a piano into a desk. That was when I got inspired to make a piano desk for myself. But where to begin?

I started looking around and was able to find a free piano on craigslist that someone was going to throw away to the dump. It was in rough shape but it was beautiful. Too beautiful to be thrown in the dump.

When I saw it, I debated on repurposing it back to its original state, but it would have cost more than what the piano was actually worth. So I was at peace in turning something that was meant for one purpose and giving it a whole new one.

I was able to trace the piano’s serial number back to its date of creation, 1907. All the more so I was excited about this. You see, I am a veteran who appreciates this country’s history. And to find an antique that has seen the years of WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, etc. was just amazing.

Some people have criticized me for destroying a beautiful piece of work, but I believe I gave this piece a new life that will serve me well, and that it can be passed down from generation to generation in my family.

I found an old upright piano that someone on craigslist was giving away for free

They had said that if no one wanted it, it was going to the dump. So I picked it up and hauled it back home. All the keys were stripped of it ivory so I couldn’t salvaged any of it.


I found a lumber mill that sold slabs of wood. I wanted a solid piece for the desktop

Please note, I do not have any carpentry skills whatsoever. I was able to get a 2 1/2in thick, 2ft wide and 6ft long board. I cut it down to fit inside where the piano keys had laid.

I plained all the weather stain and uneven bowing of the wood

I used this hand plainer for about 30mins and then I bought an electric plainer, because, aint nobody got time for dat (but the picture is pretty sweet!)

I wanted an elegant lighting system for the desk. So I was able to purchase these warm, mini, dimmable, recessed lights from Amazon


First test with the lights

Next was to coat the desktop


I wanted to do epoxy seeing how it was the best stuff for taking a beating

It was either this or glass, and this was cheaper. And more fun, I think.

I had to put down a top coat first


The top coat help prevent bubbles from coming up through the flood coat

Next was a flood coat

It was very satisfying to pour

I used a blowtorch to pop the remaining bubbles that were there

After it was alas and done, I strongly debated weather or not I would strip the piano of its old stain and retain it


Instead I kept it because this was that piano’s story. So I used feed-n-wax to polish and shine the wood.

In the end, there were many flaws, but I am so happy with how it turned out

Here is the final result

People will say that I ruined a fine piano, but I feel the opposite to that. I was able to take this piano, that was going to be thrown away, and give a new purpose in life