How well do you know your neighbors? perhaps you have someone living near you that seems creepy or does things that make you go ‘huh?’ Well, this next story might make you stop and think before making certain assumptions.

A thread on Reddit asked users, “Those who have weird neighbors, what does your neighbor do that is weird or creepy?” Someone by the alias of Mewnir responded with a newspaper story mystery. Each day he found that the crossword in his paper was already filled out. On a quest to find the culprit he set up a trap of sorts, and the twist ending is more wholesome than you could imagine.

Scroll below to find out what happened!

Everyone has some story about their neighbors and they’re always so entertaining to read

Image credits: bertknot😊

So when someone asked to share their stories, this person did not hesitate to respond

People in the comments agreed the story was truly heartwarming