Glass bottles, plastic caps and other waste that would end up filling landfills or floating in the sea have, in the hands of some artists, become a form of sustainable art that highlights originality. The possibilities with these materials stretch as far as the imagination and artists like Debbie Silberberg have embraced the challenge.

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” That saying takes on new meaning when we view the world through the eyes of artist, Debbie Silberberg. She sees possibility in the things we throw away every day. Instead of heading to the art supply store, Debbie just takes a stroll in her backyard and collects pieces of broken pottery, metal scarps and glass and turns them into works of fascination.

“I embrace the opportunity to unearth pieces of discarded lives and create new lives for them.” she said. In today’s world of contemporary art some of the most compelling and creative works have been born out of the simplest and most abundant of materials: trash. Once you step into Debbie’s art world, be prepared to start looking at your trash in a whole new way.

For artists like Debbie, trash means being creative and inspired. The ability to produce interesting artworks from something unconventional is its own special superpower that Debbie has combined with a family tradition. “I started collecting artifacts from my 100-year-old backyard including glass, metal, plastic, and pottery. At the same time, I dreamt that I could combine my artifacts with the sewing skills I learned from my grandmother. This combination inspires me to create my artwork.” she said.

Debbie Silberberg re-imagines a new life for old, broken things. She transforms these rescued items into works of art, and in the process, gives hope that ingenuity and creative reuse can light the path to more recyclable progress through art. Visit her website to see more:


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Debbie’s backyard buckets of trash become works of art!

Spring Bouquet by Debbie Silberberg

Finding Your Path by Debbie Silberberg

The Little Red Wagon by Debbie Silberberg


The artist in her backyard of trash treasures.

Buckets of inspiration for Debbie’s artwork.