As the infection rate has reached 4,827,272, the world continues its battle with COVID-19. However, after seeing the spread subsiding, many countries are starting to ease lockdown rules and some are even preparing to end quarantine altogether. While these actions may seem like a sign that we are one step closer to getting back to our normal lives, medical professionals are urging people not to relax, as the fight still continues. The virus continues to spread and claim lives and to prevent that from happening, everyone is encouraged to follow strict social distancing and hygiene instructions.

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Recently, a Swedish nurse passed away from COVID-19 just 4 days after testing positive

Recently, one of the victims of COVID-19 became a nurse from Sweden, Marielle DeBruhl. The 39-year-old woman, who had been taking care of COVID-19 patients, tested positive for the virus after the whole staff at her hospital was tested on April 17. Four days later, tragic news emerged that the woman was found dead at her home. Even though she didn’t have any health issues and only felt mild symptoms of the disease, her health deteriorated rapidly and led to her death.

As a response to the tragic event, her friend took to social media to remind people why social distancing matters

Marielle’s family, friends, and coworkers were devastated by the loss. Her friend, Susanne Baldefors, took to social media to share a heart-wrenching tribute to her late friend, saying how young and joyful she was.

The woman also took the moment to remind people who are carrying on with their lives as usual that everyone that’s not staying safe can lead to the loss of innocent lives.

“So you’re going to go out this weekend? Sit and drink with others ‘because the thing with corona is no danger and you want to live too.’ Then do this together: take one quiet minute together and look and think of Marielle. She deserves it. And so deserve all her colleagues that you might meet. They also want to live. But actually live for real. Not just for a few weekends,” she wrote on her Facebook page.