This past year the #MeToo movement inspired women around the globe to share their stories of sexual assault and this past week was no different. A new spark reignited the dialogue, led by Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford and her testimony against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who allegedly attempted to rape her in high school.

With most accusations of rape come a large dose of victim-blaming; What was she wearing? How many drinks had she had? Was she behaving flirtatiously? Well, one woman decided to counter these responses with 7 powerful stories, not of sexual assault, but of the times she wasn’t assaulted. Comedian Mara Quint recounts how in all of these situations she fit the criteria of a potential victim, large quantities of alcohol and flirtation but that there was one defining factor – men who knew what consent was.

Scroll down below to read the powerful tweets that shut down the idea behind the “she was asking for it” dialogue and share your comments!

In light of the sexual assault debates surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,  Mara Quint took to Twitter to explain sexual consent

Woman Tweets About All The Times Men Didn't Rape Her To Teach A Lesson On Consent

Image credits: Maura Quint

But instead of telling stories about being sexually assaulted, she decided to share different ones:

Other women started sharing their experiences