Once upon a time on a gloomy evening a green monster passed my way. He was oddly cute and flirted with me using all his power of persuasion. At first I was kind of scared cause, to be honest with you, he wasn’t the most handsome guy having that blood all over his face. But after he looked at me with his single puppy dog eye, I had no chance but letting him have a place in my little black heart.

After weeks of close togetherness he introduced me to his family and friends and revealed a secret. He confessed being kept as a resident (or maybe prisoner?) in a shady asylum outside the city and that all the friends were held with him. Since this day, I made it my top priority to find new homes for these tortured souls.

Well, for real, I’m just an artist from Cologne in Germany having an excessive amount of fantasy. Mainly focussed on all kinds of art related to horror. I always kind of liked the “dark side” of life and you might find me or my art strange but for me its just what I love to do! It´s my therapy, my “letting the demons out”, my passion! I create creepy monsters & demons with individual short stories called the “NomNoms” as well as scary sculptures & paintings. All my work is handmade and unique.

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Nolex – the multiple personality guy

Mercury – the drug addicted popstar

goldbart – the scrooge

Cumulo – the guy from that planet over there

Caliban – the cannibal… Nothing else is needed to say

Victor Stark – the artist who wanted to dive too deep exploring the human anatmy

Mowwi never accepted itsself being a monster

Phlox – the vampire mushroom

Urrgh – the wild animal raised by the wolves

Zorbo – the baby-man