All technology is advancing and gaming technology is no exception to that. While the majority of the human race is trapped home, many turn to games out of boredom or as a coping mechanism. Just at the perfect time, Unreal Engine released a demo video showcasing the next generation graphics and we must say that it’s absolutely stunning!

As of May 14, 2020, the video has 5,868,762 views and is trending on YouTube at number 24. Definitely piqued people’s interest.

Brian Karis, the technical director of graphics, and Jerome Platteaux, the art director of special projects, guide the viewer through 9-minute video, explaining the details of the video as well as technology used to create such a breathtaking experience.

The recently released demo shows stunning details that seem life-like

“A few years ago, we got together as a team and brainstormed where we thought we could push forward the state of the art and real-time graphics,” Brian explained at the start of the video. The team wanted to make advancements in two directions, one of which was dynamic global illumination. To make the virtual world less static they created a system called Lumen.

The other aspect the team wanted to address was truly virtualized geometry. “The artists wouldn’t have to be concerned over poly counts, draw calls, or memory. We could directly use film quality assets and bring them straight into the engine.
And that’s a big deal for artists,” they elaborated in the video. For that purpose, they created a system called Nanite.

The demo shows the level of graphics that will be available for PlayStation 5, a home video game console that’s scheduled for late 2020.

You can watch the demo in all its glory (and full screen!) in the video below!