Keeping track of your USB charger is a hassle. My team wanted to simplify life by designing a USB cord charger directly into the cover plate of your electrical outlet. The electrical appliances charger installs in seconds without any wires or batteries. The SnapPower Charger uses patented “power prong” technology to pull power directly from the wall outlet to the cover plate. The only tool needed is a basic flathead screwdriver.

The SnapPower Charger is designed to have a modern touch with clean lines, but still, blend in with any room decor. My team and I spent months coming up with the final design. We played with having a very unique design language but ended up choosing a design that helps conceal the bump and blends in with existing outlet cover plates. We went through over 20 different 3D prints to get to the final design. The electrical appliances and phone charger product has been well received and is on its way to passing $1 million on Kickstarter.

More info: Kickstarter