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Nature-Scape Jewelry Lets You Carry A Tiny Oasis
User submission
Fashion7 years ago

Nature-Scape Jewelry Lets You Carry A Tiny Oasis

Feeling fatigued? This tiny nature-scape on your fingertips is a small oasis for you and makes you put a smile on your face. It brings your energy back!

Asuka Saito creates those unique nature-scape terrarium rings mostly using real natural material, dried moss, dried flowers, and wood etc, a blessing from nature.

More info: | Facebook

Small Oasis Ring

Terrarium Moss Rings

Giraffe Ring

Orange Moss Ring With Blue Flower

Snake With Butterfly

Moss Pendants

Beige Moss With Multi-Colored Flowers

Colorful Moss Rings

Zebra Ring

Ring With Yellow Flowers

Unicorn Ring

Multi-Color Nature-Scape Rings

Safari Edition


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