Hello! Friends!

First, I want to show off the watercolor roses I recently completed. In the last post I showed WIP.

I really liked the result ☺

And secondly, I want to show you my new patterns ☺

And thirdly, I created my own small store of cross stitch patterns. I will be glad to see you as a guest ♥

Thank you for your attention!

More info:

Watercolor roses ♥

My new WIP ☺

Seasons ☺

Simple but favorite geometry ♥


My bright turtle ☺

Yes, I like bats ☺

One of my favorite movies ♥


Now gift tags decorate every gift I give to friends and family ☺


Geometry again ☺


When I made a crab pattern with the words “Don’t worry, be happy!”, they wrote to me several times on social networks that it would be more correct to say “Don’t worry, be snappy!” I took this into account and added a second pattern☺

No comments ☺♥

The rooster turned out very bright ☺


I have two cats and I know what I’m talking about ☺


Framed ♥