Have you ever wondered what would you do if you had all of the money in the world and anything was possible? Would you take a lavish trip to the most beautiful private island in the world? Would you buy apartments in the biggest cities around the world with breathtaking views from your windows?

All of these things and more are possible with the right amount of money, but there is one luxurious experience that no amount of money can buy – a night at the Pyramid du Louvre, a delight that nobody has ever experienced. Until now a night at the museum was impossible and certainly priceless. Now Airbnb is opening the doors on this unforgettable opportunity… For free.

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Airbnb has partnered with the Musée du Louvre to offer two lucky people the experience of a lifetime

The stay will take place on April 30th, the guests will first be greeted by a historian who will invite them on a tour.

Guests will be offered a private tour around the museum that only presidents and world’s most famous people get to experience

The stay will take place in April 30, the guests will first be greeted by a historian who will invite them on a tour.

After the tour, the museum will offer them an aperitif next to the Mona Lisa painting


Guests will be serenaded by French music on vinyl while relaxing.

After that, they will be invited for a “Dinner with Venus”

According to AirBnB, winners will be invited to “Sit down to dinner with the Venus of Milo. Your personal chef will prepare a colourful menu inspired by love and beauty, in honour of this divine goddess.”

And that’s not the end if you can believe it. There will be a private acoustic concert for the finale of this incredible experience

Napoleon’s incredible chambers is already something many of us wish to see one day in real life, but can you imagine relaxing there while listening to a private concert? Yes, all of this is actually possible now.

To wrap up the evening the guests will slumber inside the glass pyramid and in the morning they will be treated to a Parisian breakfast in bed

Want to try your luck? Visit Airbnb’s website and fill out a form that asks the question – “Why would you be the Mona Lisa’s perfect guest?” Come up with the perfect response and maybe you will be the lucky one to win this incredible experience.


You can learn more about this incredible experience from Airbnb’s video