Angie and her 4-year-old daughter, whom she only refers to as Mayhem, have found an awesome way to bond by creating paper dresses together and posting them on their blog – Fashion by Mayhem.

To save her own beautiful dresses from Mayhem’s grasp, Angie suggested that they make Mayhem a designer dress out of paper. Since then, they’ve created a blog and an Instagram account to highlight their stylish DIY clothes. The dresses are made of paper, bags, tape, glue, and other common household items. As a rule, they try to reuse as much of their materials as they can for their DIY dresses and try to spend money only on glue and tape.

Surprisingly enough, mommy says she has no background as a fashion designer – she claims that tape and paper are about as much as she wants to take on. And although mayhem tends to wear the dresses for only 5-10 minutes, that’s not the point, says Angie – “the dressmaking is more about spending time with my favorite pint-sized person everyday and watching her learn and grow.”

Source: | Instagram (via: huffpost)