The Monster Map is intended to serve as reminder of some of the more unique and abstract folklore traditions that we have in the USA. I have a strong interest in cultural anthropology and the art of storytelling, and in this age of homogenized consumer culture I think it’s more important than ever to embrace the elements that make our town/state/nation special. My hope is that people can find something to celebrate in them – be it pride of place, a reminder of how special their hometown is, or maybe just an excuse to start a conversation at the bookstore or frameshop.

Monster’s in America: A Cryptozoological Map of the USA started with a healthy amount of research in to the world of cryptozoology. Loren Coleman’s body of work was hugely important to me, and a visit to his museum (the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME) last summer really kicked the research up a level.

Once the initial set of data was gathered, I set out to edit it all down to the point where I could allow sufficient room for the illustrations to live. I should add that by no means am I claiming that this is a definitive list of cryptids in the USA – rather a compilation of what I consider to be 32 important ones.

We were founded as a free nation by people who refused to do and think what others told them to. Stay free and weird people… it’s our birthright, and quite possibly, our obligation.

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Monsters in America: A Cryptozoological Map of the United States