My mother loved monster movies. As a family we spent countless hours watching old and new horror, fantasy, and science fiction films. I grew up watching cartoons, reading comics, and often imagined myself as a muppet. The fantastic and absurd were encouraged in my house. Laughter was infectious. I didn’t understand it then, but my parents and the cosmos were setting me up to spend my life doing what I love – making monsters.

I am currently trying to start a business by manufacturing this rug. I have a kickstarter running with a few days to go. I know I can do it. Please help if you can. I am offering original drawings, monsters, and prints with a small donation. The nicest thing you can do is check out the link and tell everyone you know to take a look. I will be forever in you debt if you can help me achieve my dream of bringing the Monster Skin Rug to life!

More info: kickstarter |

The monster skin rug didn’t just happen. I spent my childhood drawing and making

The monster skin rug started with a sketch, an education of design & a passion for monsters

I started to sew at 12. I have spent the past 10 years filling galleries & stores with monster drawings, installations and sculptures

I have failed or been rejected more than I have succeeded, but I am persistent. And that persistence generates something awesome now and then

I like to work with my hands. I cut. I sew. I make. I remake. I remake. And then finally I get it right

Monster’s rug design heroes are Vivienne Westwood, Jim Henson, Phillip Glass, Lee Bontecou, Tim Hawkinson, Charles and Ray Eames, Gene Kelly, Eva Ziesel, Brancusi, Noghuci, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Kubrick, Tony Robbins, David Bryne, Freddie Mercury, Willie Nelson, Murakami, Brian Froud, Rembrandt, Salvatore Dali, Walt Disney, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin.