Picky eating is a phase most toddlers go through. While it’s usually a natural process that only means that a child is starting to develop food preferences, it often causes a headache for the child’s parents. Every parent who has experienced it with their toddler knows how unpredictable their tastes can get. Kids can eat the same kind of food for weeks, and nothing else, until one day they throw a temper tantrum at the sight of their favorite food. However, after some time, the child’s appetite and preferences will become a lot easier to manage, leaving parents to only hope that this moment will come as fast as possible.

Kendra Broekhuis, a mother who lives in Milwaukee, knows exactly what it feels like to raise picky eaters. “On the scale of ‘My Kids Eat Grilled Salmon and Blueberries’ to ‘My Kids Legit Need Feeding Therapy,’ they are in the middle,” she told Bored Panda. Recently, she shared a photo showing a food pyramid for kids of foods that they are actually willing to eat.

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Recently, a mom named Kendra Broekhuis went viral for sharing a photo illustrating her kids eating preferences

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While raising three kids who are ages six, three, and one, Kendra tries to keep up with writing her blog. “I started blogging in 2011. It started as a hobby when my husband and I moved to Guatemala for three years because the cool thing to do when you move overseas is to start a blog. But over time, writing came to mean much more than keeping in touch; it was a way to process whatever was happening in our lives, including our move overseas and back, my begrudging first passage into motherhood, and the devastating loss of our second baby,” she told us.

From time to time, the mother likes to share small snippets from her family’s life and recently, one of them went viral. After picking out seven snacks for kids she placed them in the shape of a pyramid and took a photo that represents a new version of the food pyramid according to her kids. The photo made it clear that her children have quite the exquisite taste, and not the kind of healthy foods their mother approves of. The photo was widely shared among parents who could really relate to the new “food pyramid”. “This photo is a parody in the sense that at times they are willing to try new things, yet they naturally gravitate toward their favorites. I am not a Betty Crocker level chef, so even though I try to mix up our meal plan with healthy diet ideas, I know our kids would also be happy if we just rotated between chicken tenders, pasta, pizza, and tacos,” she told Bored Panda.

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When asked about how hard is it to convince her kids’ to eat good food, Kendra said: “Once, my oldest daughter gave up every version of the potato for an entire year. When I’ve tried meals like a vegetable stir-fry, they have complained because the vegetables weren’t chopped finely enough. And heaven forbid they ever discover an onion on their plate! I vividly remember one dinner where my husband and I said everyone had to eat just two carrots without ranch dressing to dip them in, and all hell broke loose. Thankfully, our toddler is still a garbage can who will eat pretty much any fruit or veggie or morsel of food we put in front of her.”

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Like every parent, she sometimes has to come up with tricks that help to persuade her kids into eating their food.  For instance, to solve her kids’ pre-dinner cravings, Kendra offers them some fruits and veggies before the dinner is served. “Some days, I am amazed at how telling them that immediately solves their pre-dinner hunger,” she explained. The mother also shared a great tip to encourage her kids to finish their meal: “Another rule we try to stick to is that if our kids say they are not hungry anymore but haven’t finished their meal (we try to give them very reasonable, kid-sized portions), then they aren’t allowed to have any other food or treats before they go back and finish what is on their plate. They don’t necessarily have to be part of the “clean plate club” at dinner, but they don’t get to skip dinner just so they can snack either.”

Luckily, Kendra’s kid’s pickiness is quite manageable, but to those parents who are struggling with the issue, she advises not to be afraid to seek professional help. “My advice to parents, whether it’s with picky eaters or another battle that you’re trying to fight, is to remember that you are probably not alone in your battle. I think that’s my favorite part about the photo going viral – it’s the reminder that so many parents have been in my shoes! My kids aren’t the only weirdos causing their parent’s a little frustration at dinner from time to time. But if your child’s eating patterns are actually concerning, don’t be afraid to ask for help from an expert and from friends you trust.”

Image credits: kendrabroekhuisauthor

While many parents laughed at the photo, knowing very well how hard it sometimes is to make sure your kid is eating the right food, others were not so amused. Some people failed to find the humor in Kendra’s picture and it stirred up quite a discussion. A few of the commenters said that she shouldn’t ever be giving her kids food like that, and that they’ll eat vegetables just fine.

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Many parents could relate to Kendra’s photo

However, others didn’t find it very funny