Quite often, teenagers get a bad rep for being irresponsible, careless and inconsiderate to others. However, this generalization is simply not true, as there are many young people who are kind, thoughtful and own up to their actions. One of them is Owen Sullivan, a teenager from Lincoln, who was praised online after he kindly apologized for hitting a woman’s mailbox.

Recently, Sullivan was driving on an icy, snow-covered road when he accidentally hit a mailbox with his truck. Instead of driving away and not worrying about it, the young man decided to write a little note, gather all of the money he had and give it to the owners of the mailbox.

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The owner of the mailbox, Crystal Collins, was so impressed that the boy decided to own up to it and said he should keep the money. However, Sullivan, couldn’t let it go. He decided the only way he could make up for his actions is to at least bake some cookies for the woman after damaging her property.

After receiving this kind apology gift, the woman was so stunned she realized she had to find his parents. With the help of a Facebook post, which quickly went viral, Collins tracked down Sullivan’s parents only to tell them how proud they should be of their son. “It was really, really refreshing, there’s a lot of ugly things in this world, and I wanted to share the post especially with his parents,” said Collins.

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