“I teach my son to cook and do household chores. Why? Because household work isn’t just for women.”

This is what mom-of-two Nikkole Paulun from Monroe, Michigan wrote about house chores and raising kids on Facebook recently. The post was accompanied by pictures of her 6-year-old son Lyle doing the laundry, doing some house cleaning, loading the dishwasher, and cooking on the stove. It’s since been liked more than 143k times and shared by over 57k people, but while Paulun has received a lot of praise for attempting to destroy heteronormative gender inequality stereotypes, she’s also received criticism for treating raising kids like “slaves.” The 22-year-old mom, who once appeared on MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant, defended her statements, but opinions seem to be divided. What do you think about chores for kids?

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Mom of two Nikkole Paulun recently posted pictures of her 6-year-old son Lyle doing chores on Facebook

Her post received more than 143k likes and been shared by over 57k people

Some people criticized the mom and accused her of treating her children like “slaves”

Others questioned whether she intended to treat her 1-year-old daughter the same way

But many people defended Nikkole’s post and revealed that they too raised their children to do the chores

A number of them even posted pictures of their children helping out with the housework

Image credits: Diana Malagon

In response to the negative statements, Nikkole later posted a picture of Lyle relaxing and playing video games. “He’s definitely not my slave lol,” she wrote