I’m a full-time mother and amateur artist who tinkers with various media. While my passions are painting and beadwork, I’ve recently applied both interests toward a new hobby, refurbishing vintage dolls.

Since I live in a house with three guys, I sincerely try to keep the girly stuff to a minimum, but this October I stumbled onto a project that meets my girly needs AND the guys love it. I found several of my old dolls from the 70’s and 80’s while sorting boxes at my childhood home, and decided to refurbish them for Halloween. I gave them each new faces, jewelry, and fancy little clothes, which I made using vintage fabrics belonging to my late-grandmother, which some might say, make the dolls even creepier.

When I saw the dolls I immediately knew I wanted to do something spooky with them for Halloween. My sister and I had just seen the movie IT, and I knew one of the dolls would be a Pennywise before the week was over. When I finished Baby Pennywise, I moved on to the next doll, then the next. When I ran out of dolls, I started crafting tiny props for them. Pennywise was given his balloon, and the other dolls were bestowed reading material and tiny lanterns lit with led candles. The lanterns are tiny replicas of the larger versions I’ve made for my home, constructed with masking tape, wire, and leaves plucked from my East Texas garden.

The dolls subsequently, and completely on their own, formed a book club, and they’ve been meeting daily in my living room throughout the Halloween season. Together, they travel through time and discuss scary books. My kids check on them daily to see what they’ve summoned up. We’ve enjoyed them immensely and thought others might get a giggle out of them, too. We hope you enjoy them, and wish you a most Happy Halloween!

Story Time

Lady in Stripes

Lady in White

Baby Pennywise on the Piano

Nap Time

Lantern made from fern leaves, masking tape, and wire.

Cold Night

Mummy Hunter

Time Traveler

The Witch

Green Lady

In Egypt

She enjoys a little Lovecraft lore in her secret doll closet.

She’s concerned.

Book Club Meeting! They each brought a super scary book!

The Plebians Self-Help Series

Formerly Ms. Strawberry Shortcake. She seems to have traded in her love of strawberries for other interests.

This is what two of the dolls looked like before the refurbishing.

Here’s what the larger doll looked like before the new paint and clothes.

My assistant, Pretty Boy, assisting with the refurbishing project.