Only a few of us have the talent to transform into completely different people, which makes dressing up well for Halloween quite an effort. Well, this one 40-year-old mom is definitely not one of those people. The woman recently went viral for the most unlikely look she managed to pull off perfectly. That look belongs to the well-known rapper Post Malone. While at first glance, Kari looks nothing like the heavily tattooed singer, after some effort, she can make herself look just like him.

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This mom decided to dress up like a rapper Post Malone and hilariously pranked her children

How did she get the idea to dress up like him, you may wonder? Well, the answer is simple. Apparently, it was her son who was supposed to dress up like the rapper. However, despite bearing some resemblance to the singer, Kari’s son refused.

“I begged my son to be Post Malone for Halloween because I felt he kinda looked like him. He would not do it. I bought all the fake jewelry, fake money, fake cigarette and more. Halloween day I dropped him off at school and said ‘you’re not going to do it?’ Him, ‘no.’ I went home, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought ‘I got this!'” she told Bored Panda.

The transformation took some preparation. However, it was worth the effort. “I ran to the thrift shop and bought male clothes and the fanciest man shoes I could find. I started to get ready. Googled Post Malone and saw he had short hair now. I freaked out because my hair is so long⁠—past my bottom. I figured it out. Grabbed a doll from my daughter’s room that had hair like mine, that was a thrift shop doll anyways, and I cut curls off and bobby-pinned it to my hair,” she told us.

She managed to pull off the look quite well and look similar to Post Malone. Yet her children didn’t find it funny when she showed up to pick them up from school looking like she was about to drop a rap album. “They would not get in the car?! The kids were disgusted and couldn’t look at me. They kept their heads facing the car window.”

After picking her kids up, Kari actually drove them to an orthodontist appointment dressed like that. Apparently, Kari’s husband works 70 hours a week and usually doesn’t have the time to pick the kids up from school and drive them to appointments, so nobody really knows how he looks.

Seeing Kari dressed like that, people just assumed it was the kids’ dad. “The receptionist told my son ‘Oh. Is this your dad?’ I was wearing cologne and had a velvet baggy of fake diamonds that would drop out of a tiny hole when I walked.”

After she posted her transformation on the “All Things Post Malone” group it received over 23k shares and 28k likes.

Kari as Post Malone versus the real Post Malone

Clearly, the rapper’s fans could see the resemblance!