I travel, take photos, and draw sketches on them to create my imaginary world. Almost all photos are taken with a mobile phone (Nexus 5) and sketches are drawn using Autodesk Sketchbook app on the same device.

I’ve tried to augment the feeling each location gives to the viewer. If you looked at any of these illustrations and simply smiled, I’ve reached my ultimate goal :)

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Naughty Boys!

Neyshabour gardens, Iran. This photo is taken by my friend Sara Yarmohammadi.

Dancing In The Mosque

Dancing is not allowed in mosques! But you can practice it in your dreams. Isfahan, Iran.

An Ode To Spring

Taken on top of Dizin summit, Iran. with Damavand volcano in the background.


For those who travel to the far lands before they fall asleep.
Alam summit, Iran.

Ski Track

Lets paint!

Goldfish Fly

Taken in Kashan- Iran, the sky is a water bowl full of goldfish.

Riding On Sky

Sunset in my tent.

Under The Rain

Cherry blossoms fallen in the rain.

Cute Prey!

I took this photo at Zanzibar island and painted paper-boats on it.

Sponge Bob

Singapore. That’s probably what is happening in this little girl’s mind.


How can holy books lead to happiness?! Isfahan, Iran


Dorfak, Iran

Dance Of Colors

Nasir mosque, Shiraz, Iran.