17 years ago I met Missan, my cat, for the first time. I was 5 years old and was about to move from one house to another with my family. I didn't want to move at all, so my dad offered me a cat if I joined them (though I didn't have much of a choice really).

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We went to my cousin's farm, and one of their cats just had kittens. My mother found an orange cat she liked, that was older and ready to adopt, but I saw a tiny, tiny white kitten I instantly fell in love with - Missan. She wasn't old enough to come home with us that day but a few weeks later we went to get her to her forever home. Since that day we've been inseparable. 

Missan joins me for breakfast, is outside in the garden with me, sleeps with me - she's an amazing company.

Missan is a great model, she poses good and she LOVES wearing bowties. She is really active and playful for her age and I think she has many more years to spend with her family. 


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