I recently discovered these amazing one line animal drawings by artist duo DFT and they never left my head since. I think they would make amazing minimalist tattoos or wall art.

On their Instagram, the artists Emma and Stephan regularly draw new animals for their fans.

In one of their recent posts, they explained that even though most people assume they create their artwork in a finger snap, they actually have a rather long creation process.

More info: Instagram

“Usually, the first stage consists in studying the subject a lot”

“We examine every aspect of it in order to define its essence”

“We first draw the subject in a realistic way, in all the angles that seem particularly relevant to us”

“It’s our way to digest the subject, make it ours”


“Then, we can start deconstructing the subject mentally and make the first choices regarding the building of the line structure”


“We take the necessary time to remove what’s not substantive”

“It’s a maturation process that is somehow painful as it consists of letting go, giving up”

“Regarding what we are trying to express, we create several single stroke drawings with different line combinations.”


“Each line construction tells a different story”

“We know we are done when we feel like we’ve constructed a self-sufficient subject, coming from another reality”