The film FairyTale retells the story of the Cottingley Fairies, an incident in which two girls staged photos that they claimed depicted real fairies. Even famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle was fooled, and it was only in the 1980s that the girls admitted that the photos were faked. But LA-based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz must have missed the news, because he keeps making fairy-sized treehouses around houseplants, and has made 25 so far!

“Building miniatures for stop motion always leaves me with a huge bin of scrap balsa, basswood, various fabrics, etc. and I found myself making little fantasy constructions out of that stuff during my downtime,” Voltz told Bored Panda. “Those little scrap forts led to me building some more serious ones in little diorama settings, and last year I built my first living treehouse. Since then, I’ve made almost 25 of them, from tiny watchtowers in secluded forests, to quiet treetop meditation platforms, to giant bustling windmills and waterwheels.”

For those who are interested, the treehouses will be on display at Virgil Normal in LA starting April 23, so be sure to swing by, as they don’t seem to be available online. Voltz also does custom, to-order work.

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“I started build elaborate forts for my GI Joe toys when I was nine or ten”

“I’d dig into hillsides, move rocks to make fortifications”


“When winter came around, I turned to my mothers large selection of indoor house plants”

“It was pretty common to have 4-5 of these secret bases going simultaneously”


“Later in life, I began working my way into the stop motion and toy commercial industry”

“I found myself with big bins of tiny pieces of scrap materials that were left over after jobs”

“During my down time, I’d start haphazardly glueing some of these together to make crude forts and towers”


“Nowadays its tough to find a plant in my house or yard that doesn’t have some sort of architectural adornment”


Thanks to Jedediah Corwyn Voltz for the interview with Bored Panda!