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Miniature Superheroes’ Adventures By Russian Photographer VSE OK
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Funny, Photography9 years ago

Miniature Superheroes’ Adventures By Russian Photographer VSE OK

Russian miniature figure enthusiast Artem has come up with a unique form of storytelling that lets him create surreal and playful narratives using miniature versions of heroes (and villains) from classic action movies.

In Artem’s miniature world, which he shares with us as VSE OK on Tumblr, each miniaturized larger-than-life movie star gets posed in own personalized and often tongue-in-cheek story. Bruce Lee uses his lightning-fast punches, vicious karate chops and thundering kicks to serve up a healthy breakfast, a misunderstood Spiderman gets squashed, and the Hulk clobbers some puny humans to teach them some proper manners.

The artist’s sense of humor is delightfully dark. It’s well worth checking out the rest of his work, which is hilarious, but be warned – some of it is NSFW. He’s not afraid to depict racy subject material or “recreational substances.”

Artem’s work with miniature adventurers reminds us of Rémi Noël’s work with miniature batman on his soul-searching journeys through Texas.It also calls to mind the Miniam series by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle, which depicts miniature figures exploring a world of delicious food.

Source: Tumblr

Bruce Lee Making Breakfast

Tony Montana With Some Flour Cocaine

Terminator Gets His Microchip Replaced

Superman: Faster Than A Speeding Turd

Superman Is There When You Run Out Of Hope (Or Toilet Paper)

Superman Solving The Unsolvable

Spiderman Meets His Match

The Hulk Teaches Good Manners


Wrong ET

The Joker Spreads Chaos


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