My name is Mesut Kul and I am a Turkish artist who draws tiny pictures on various objects. Sometimes it is a butterfly wing, a rice grain, a feather and even a hair – the world’s smallest canvas.

I got acquainted with this micro art a couple of years ago. One master painter told me about the importance of innovations in art. I took his words for granted. Everyone can draw on big canvas, but only the few can do it on small objects. I was inspired by the idea that tiny drawings can be more memorable and appreciated by the viewers. Although I create the drawings with my own eyes and a brush, others might need a magnifying glass to see all the details. The greatest inspiration to me is our world. My goal is to create a universal language by means of my art.

More info:

Little easel and canvas painting of the Eiffel Tower

Coin for scale 9 x 9 mm



Pumpkin seed



Swan’s feather

Sunflower seed

Grain of rice

Pocket watch