I am sure everyone wants to know what happens when Hula-hoop meets UV paint and long exposure. In this post, you can enjoy this unusual combination. Hoop-dance is becoming more and more popular, bringing joy from movement everywhere. These photos capture sensual Reni hooper from Switzerland.

Bogi creates pure magic – her art is taking on different form under different light. She paints breath-taking murals, jewelry and does body painting, with ever present theme of universe and galaxies. I am a photographer that loves the art of time-manipulation. I use technology to see what we can’t see with the naked eye. In this photo shoot I used long exposure, to capture the light of hula-hoop trail and infinity of its patterns.

Big thanks to the Austrian Hoop Convention for bringing us all together and creating something unique. It doesn’t happen everyday that I find myself hanging out with the Goddess of Universe spinning planets around.

Double hooping


Knees and above the head lasso

Red Hoop I


Waist and neck hooping


Red Hoop II

Universe I

Universe II