To celebrate Friday the 13th, various artists have done a wonderful menu for terrible Jason Voorhees (The saga Friday 13)

Going to the big screen for the first time in 1980 (though only appearing as the main antagonist of his film a year later), Jason usually faithful to his Friday 13 and his machete. It is the horror franchise with more sequences, totaling 12, with an impressive total of 285 murders. Jason is a supernatural killer who would have drowned due to the negligence of monitors Camp Crystal Lake. Because of this, his favorite victims are young monitors of the same place.

After the sixth film, Jason wins resistance skills and strength that leave virtually immortal. His iconic hockey mask, however, only came to appear for the first time on Friday the 13th – Part 3 (1982), since he needed to replace the bag with a hole for the left eye in a fight that lost in the previous film.

Foot with salad by Sugarcane

Roasted skull by Hidreley

Fingers with white beans by George Frank

Indicator stew by ChanMart


Nose to red sauce by Erikhadin

Creature roasted by Ivanildo

Eyes with noodles by Victor Alexander

Grilled by JR Soares


Denture Soup by Cesar Barros

Brain pie by Chris l.

Juice won by Rungue

Martine by Darcio


Disgusting cocktail by Davidberettaowens


Sweet wine by King Diamond

To finish a cup of coffee Mandrak