Hi, I’m Poti, aka. Potato, I’m a 2 years old French Bulldog with a rare birth defect, I can’t keep my tongue inside my mouth. My friends say it makes me charming, rather than ugly. What do you think?

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When I was a puppy, my tongue started slipping out, just a bit

And a bit more…

And then… Here I am. You think it can’t get longer?

Well. Does this picture remind you of a great slide?

But look how cute I am when I smile :P

…Or when I’m enjoying the spring

Lazy-Tongue-Batman is always there to help

Doing everything to avoid sunburn

Meet Cincin, my best friend, a stuffed mouse guarding my dreams

Speaking of dreams, I love sleeping with a blanket

Have I introduced you Cincin?

My tongue gets as dry as a sandpaper after a few hours of inactivity

Am I a bunny or a puppy?

Cold mornings

This is a rare picture of my morning routine with my slide

I’m always cold, damn

Do I look like the Black Swan?

…or a photo model?

Sleeping with Big Data

You said to use the pillow. But for what?

After a long walk, my tongue gets dirty

Some pieces fit, some pieces eaten

I got hurt, no big deal, I promise :'(