I make these designs because I wanted to show what some of my favorite movie characters have in common with others. There are some obvious connections like the actors/actresses behind them but this goes further to their essence. In some cases I bring a character to this world and time by making him/her more “fashionable”, to today’s standards. My main pool of course is Star Wars but I use elements from every pop culture thing I love.

Harrison Ford for example with his two iconic portrayals of Han Solo and Indiana Jones perfectly merges into one. It’s almost the same character. There are similar cases like Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu and Nick Fury or Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Khan. On the other hand bringing Obiwan to today’s hipster – bow tie wearing – style seemed like an awesome idea. At least at that time! And the same thing happened with Princess Leia with her R2D2 swimming suit and high heels.

There are other designs that focus on the visual style of the two characters like the one combining Rocketeer and Star-Lord or Darth Vader and the Dark Knight. Or maybe it utilizes an object from another film like Yoda does with Back to the Future’s hoverboard. Anyway, I love these characters so much, I grew up with them and love playing with them. And this is just me doing that. I already have more in mind to create and will keep doing. Hope you like them!

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