It’s one of the most special moments in life, getting engaged to the person that you love and committing to them forever. Naturally, many people like this precious moment to be documented, and this was the case for Michigan couple Kevin Prztula and his girlfriend Alyssa.

Kevin had brought along his 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh to film his proposal, which took place in front of a fountain. “After talking about marriage Allyssa had a few requests for the proposal,” Kevin told Bored Panda. “She only wanted the two of us and the kids, it had to be recorded, and not done somewhere on holiday. I chose the fountain because I needed someplace random that wouldn’t give it away.”

So Alyssa’s 3-year-old son Owen was also there to share in the romantic moment, playing around in the fountain, as kids do. Kevin got down on one knee and began to declare his undying love and ask for Alyssa’s fair hand in marriage.

All was going well as the couple only had eyes for each other, lost in the significance and joy of the moment. Little Owen on the other hand was oblivious to proceedings, and had much more pressing concerns. Perhaps it was the presence of water, the gentle gushing of the fountain in the background that prompted his immediate need. Kevin’s fateful choice of a fountain setting had suddenly taken an unexpectedly hilarious turn.

“I’m gonna pee outside,” you can hear Owen announce. “Are you serious?” His mom says, actually talking to Kevin, shocked by the proposal. “Yeah,” says Owen, who proceeds to pull down his pants and create a fountain of his own, behind the backs of the doting lovebirds but in full view of the shocked and amused Kayleigh, who was giggling away behind the camera.

“Oh my god he’s peeing! Are you serious?” Is Kevin’s reaction when he finally realizes that his big moment has been hijacked, almost 30 seconds later. Kevin told us that Owen had done a similar thing at a local ice cream parlor just a few days prior, but finds the whole episode as funny as the rest of us do. “He’s a 3-year-old potty training, and it confirmed the spontaneous things in life we can look forward to as a family,” he told us. “During the moment of realizing, my only thought was to get this kids pants back up. I continue to laugh daily replaying the whole 40 seconds in my head.”

With the wedding planned to take place in the summer of next year, Kevin and Allyssa could be forgiven for keeping a close eye on Owen during the photoshoot. “By then we will be through the potty training and hopefully he understands the time and place to take care of business,” Kevin said. “But we’ve definitely been on guard the last few days!

The video is certainly one to remember and it has quickly gone viral, the family has a funny story to tell for years to come! Scroll down to check the video out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This is Kevin Przytula, 33, and Allyssa Anter, 27, a couple from Bay City, Michigan

Kevin had decided to ask Allyssa to marry him, and he did so in front of a fountain along with the couple’s child Owen

All was going well as the couple only had eyes for each other, lost in the significance and joy of the moment

Until little Owen, oblivious to the significance of the occasion, decided to create a fountain of his own

In full view of the shocked and amused person behind the camera but hidden from the doting lovebirds

Their reaction when they finally realize what’s happening is priceless

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below

Here’s how people reacted